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What to look for in 2024: Mehendi Function

Used for over 5000 years; grown across Africa, Oceania, and Southern Asia; and known by numerous names including camphire, hina, mendhika, and so many more, Mehendi has a long history of migration and cultural value for billions across the world.

In India, the bridal Mehendi function marks a time for the bride to take a moment and relax. Even though, every day through the wedding, the bride should be waited on hand and foot, the Mehendi function is truly that. The bride sits in a chair and for the next five hours has intricate fine lines, lacy, and floral/paisley design work across both her arms and feet. Mehendi is considered to bring good luck and joy to the bride for her future, and it does not hurt that it is absolutely beautiful. 

However, Mehendi is not just for the bride. Instead, the Mehendi function is a time for everyone to sit down, laugh, and enjoy each other’s presence through the chaos of the wedding. Everyone gets Mehendi done, from children to grandparents, boys to girls.


So, in the second edition of 2024 wedding trends by Meherbaa, we are going to explore a few outfits that Meherbaa has curated that will absolutely shine at the Mehendi function. 

Fish Cut Drape Saree with a Pearl Belt

First, we will discuss this beautiful fish cut drape saree with a gorgeous pearl belt by Desi Vastra. This pre draped saree has a striking silhouette and the ability to capture the eye through detailed accents. In this case, when you buy Indian wear in USA online or when you buy Indian wear in Canada online, there is fear that you may not be getting the best quality, or that the cut is not what you expect. 

With this in mind, Meherbaa has specifically worked with the designer to create a piece that you can confidently buy and rock when you go to your next mehendi event. 

Starting with the skirt, the layers and ruffling bring depth to the single color fabric, acting more as a distinction element rather than something that brightly captures your attention. With the Mehendi event, you do not have to go incredibly bold if you do not want to. If you want something a bit more tamed, looking for layering and texture brings out beauty as well as striking embroidery.

The utilized pearl embroidery complements the design work, and creates a white contrast to the outfit to add a bit of boldness into the very elegant outfit. The shoulder embroidery is complemented by an embroidered white pearl belt that really ties everything together to create such a graceful outfit.So, the next time you decide to buy drape sarees online USA, keep Meherbaa in mind.

Multi Coloured Anarkali with a Front Cross

Let’s say It is September and you need Indian wear in Austin, or need to buy Indian wear in Dallas or you need to buy Indian wear in Houston for a wedding and you want to make sure your outfit is both in line with this season’s trends and matches the weather. This outfit is a perfect example for that. It has a unique Indowestern approach to it. Not only keeping the arms open for any detailed mehendi work that you desire, the chromatic paneling of the anarkali on raw silk, mixed with a more modern approach to the styling and cut of the top enhance what would have been such a simple dress into something that is wedding approved. 

Indowesterns USA are hard to come by. There are thousands of options across numerous platforms that really create choice overload. Instead, we at Meherbaa really enjoy looking at the different trends that influence how we all choose and buy Indian clothes online USA. 

Using our in-depth market research and by speaking to consumers across the world, we continuously try to curate outfits like these which will make sure you are the most confident wherever you go.

The beauty of this outfit is because it is so indowestern driven, not only does it become an amazing mehendi outfit by combining bold coloring with small and detailed embroidery, but also can be used if you want to go out for a nice welcome dinner or any festivities such as Eid party, Diwali party,Holi party etc.

Floral Embroidered Blouse & Pant Set

The last outfit that the Meherbaa team wanted to highlight is this floral embroidered blouse and pants set by Vaanikaa Malik. This outfit is a bit different than the last two due to the bolded embroidery and texturing of the top. If you are a bridesmaid and want to give a chic look while staying carefree, this would be the choice to go with. The monochromatic fabric that unifies the outfit, is the only simple element of this entire outfit. After this, from the bead work at the bottom of the top, to the 3D flowers to the stitched flowering, immense time and effort has gone to design an outfit that really stands out in a crowd. 

Taking notes from Bollywood fashion, this outfit aims to not only maintain that more “low-key” feel for the mehendi event, but also has an unmistakable look that ensures that you will be remembered. In this outfit, the arms are kept open so that you can, of course, have mehendi done, making sure that the focus stays across your top. The outfit was designed with having to sit at events or dinners.

Utilizing a very western silhouette, Vaanika Maslik has infused traditional Indian elements to tie together an outfit that truly is distinctive no matter where you are. While seated or standing in a crowd.

Just like the USA, buying ethnic wear in Canada, for most is not just simply buying any lehenga off the rack, especially for a wedding. Meherbaa works with designers across India to make sure that wherever you are in the world, you get the clothing you have always dreamt of wearing. The outfits discussed above are just three of many that our team has curated over the last year. Check out our website to explore more such outfits.

Stay tuned because next we will be discussing the famous Haldi function in part three of our 2024 Indian wedding series.

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