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Unlocking Sangeet Party Attire: Tips and Trends

Borrowed from Punjabi culture, hyped up by Bollywood fashion movies, and loved by all, Sangeet has become a centerpiece in Indian weddings across cultures. The excitement of pre-wedding functions bring joy to all and are truly the times where everyone is able to let loose and enjoy the people around them. In the first article in the 2024 Indian wedding series, let’s dive deep into this year’s Sangeet trends. 

The sangeet is the “party” of the wedding of processions. Usually held the day or two before the wedding, the Sangeet, which translates to song, is one of the most exciting events in an Indian wedding. At the event, all of the bride and groom’s friends and families choreograph and perform dances for the couple. The event is a night long party to celebrate the couple and their future life together. 

The Sangeet is your time to take a risk and be bold in how you dress. It's the perfect time to take your instagram worthy pictures and create memories of you and your friends and families looking your very best.

Tips and Trends:

Indowestern is your best friend


                              Leather & Multi Resham Embroidered Peplum  Top & Sharara Set

The Sangeet is an event now celebrated by all Indian cultures, in India and those who live abroad. Because of this, the adoption of wearing indo-western outfits has become a focal trend throughout the world. The idea? Find ways to bring a contemporary look to traditional India. 

This sharara is a perfect example of how a traditional sharara can be an iconic statement piece for a sangeet event. Not only does the intricate paneling bring out multiple colors and textures, but the leather and resham fabrics compliment each other in a very unique way that can’t be replicated by traditional Indian Wear. The geometric panels, the cut of the top, as well as the palazzo pants change the very nature of the sharara into something more. The depth in the piece makes you a statement in the event, guaranteeing that eyes will roll when you walk through the crowd.

Defining sleeves and shoulders:

Pleated Drape Saree with Fringed Cape

Defining sleeves and shoulders since time immemorial scream nothing but luxury, and this trend has again attained the spotlight for the 2024 season - a trend that lets your shoulders do the talking. Take this piece for example. The outfit is a simple pastel pink Drape saree by designers.

The muted style color mixed with the semi-traditional silhouette may not be as eye catching, but once you add a simple feather cape, the entire outfit changes. The beauty in this outfit is how every feather’s color and layers bring depth to the outfit. As you walk around the event, each hand stitched feather sways with the motion of your body, bringing a sort of sophistication and elegance. In simplicity there is beauty. For the sangeet, you do not always have to wear the brightest and boldest colors or outfits to make an impact, sometimes all you need is one shining detail. 

Modern Lehengas:

Cutdana Embroidered Blouse & Skirt Set

The lehenga is a staple at Indian festivities. A silhouette where the imagination can run wild, while also remaining comfortable to the person wearing it, makes the lehenga a dream canvas. Lehengas perfect for sangeets are the ones that combine intricate embroidery with modernist style with statement colors. This piece by Vannikaa malik, the blouse is expanded upon to give more area to showcase the baroque embroidery that unifies the skirt with the blouse. The low cut offers the wearer the ability to adorn beautiful jewelry, while the monochromatic purple from the tiniest details in the embroidery to the shimmer chiffon of the skirt give the outfit synchronous elegance.

Redefining Embroidery

Grid Embroidered Short Kurta & Sharara Set

The final tip, if all else fails, is to never bet against embroidery. Indian Bollywood fashion and culture has been built around thousands of regional variations of embroidery. Each style having its own culture and history that can be traced back hundreds of years. Embroidery is what makes Indian clothing, Indian clothing. That is why, an ornamented sharara like this one from Anjalee and Arjun, can never go wrong. This outfit offers a very traditional sharara feel, however as anyone can tell, the embroidery is what redefines the outfit. The monochromatic and pastel coloring allows the embroidery to be the shining factor in the piece. Instead of just stitching the same pattern over and over again, Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor aimed to tell a story through the piece. Coupling small details across the front panel that fades and matures into the back paneling of the outfit, forces people to stare and become amazed once they lay eyes on the piece. 

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