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Indian Fashion Trends Set to Take Over 2024

2023 was another hallmark year of art and fashion for India. A continued revitalization of India’s identity in the global fashion realm. 2024 will continue the trend of the modernization of traditional indian sillouhettes with the taste of the contemporary Indian woman.Now even though Instagram and Tik Tok will push microtrends and fads that will take over the world for their shining moment, there are four major trends that will define 2024 in Indian womens fashion. 

The motto of 2024 will be “quiet-luxury.” A  statement of elegance without the showboating. Beauty without the trashy. Class without the tackiness. 2024 for India will see vintage forms come back with new life and new silhouettes.

House of Kosh - Multicoloured Anarkali with a front cross
Desi Vastra - Embroidered Peplum Top with Bell-Bottom Pants Set                             

With the modernization of India, also comes the modernization of Indian fashion. The emergence of Indo-Western silhouettes has been a trend for quite some time, however what differentiates this year from the rest, is the fact that we are now seeing the expansion of how it is done. Indo-Western clothing is very rarely 50-50 Indo and western, and in 2024, due to the desire to come back to tradition, Indo-western outfits are now also adopting that minimalism and handiwork of traditional Indian outfits. 

Instead of block prints on simple pantsuits, Indian designers have taken it one step further by utilizing advanced embroidery techniques to bring a fusion touch to each outfit offering sensible luxury-wear for both western and Indian consumers. The use of cutdana work and nontraditional materials like sequins, bring depth through a 3D effect with intricate ornamentation. 

As India gains a larger global presence, designers are creating clothing that will appeal to the consumers of the world, while maintaining India’s identity through it all. Instead of just conforming to the current standards of western wear, Indian designers are raising the standard by bring depth, culture, and elegance to the traditional silhouettes of the west.


Bold and Statement Shoulders and Sleeves

  Desi Vastra - Pleated Drape Sari with Fringed Cape
Vannikka Malik - 3D Floral Cape with Bustier & Pant Set

A unique emergence in 2023 is the adoption of bold and statement shoulder piece and sleeves. 2024 will embolden that trend even more. Even though subtlety is a core principle of 2024 Indian womenswear, designers still are finding unique ways to transform Indian wear to be unique and defining to the global audience. From dramatic and puffed shoulder and sleeve designs to exaggerated ruffles and feathered capes, designers are finding new ways to add depth to the traditional silhouettes of Indian wear outside of just embroidery. The idea is to add a touch of power to the outfit to make a simple outfit an absolute head turner. 

Indian outfits by Designers online are utilizing a multitude of techniques to make this happen. From fabrics and textures to 3D visuals to sharp and structural additions to the outfit itself, designers are modernizing Indian wear to amplify personal identity. The trend is not about excess, but to remold a traditional look for the modern woman who wants to make a bold statement. Even though these hypervisual designs have been a staple in the runway world, watch for these ideas to be translated for the daily consumer.

Muted Colors

Vannikka Malik - Floral Embroidered Blouse & Pant Set
Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor - Jeweled Blouse with a Net Textured Drape Saree

In a statement of minimalism and quiet luxury, beauty and fashion trends across the word have moved towards muted colors that focus more so on the fabrics and embroidery of the outfit rather than color itself. Indian fashion continues that adoption into 2024. Baby pink and peach, eggshell and offwhite, silvery and gold undertones mark a year of monochromatic cord sets and traditional wear, as India focuses itself back on the handiwork of its artisans rather than fast fashion. 

2024 will witness India’s designers utilizing color blocking and monochromatism to explore the use of new fabrics and textures to add depth to the outfit. Think soft hues like camel brown, sage green, and burnt orange, offering a serene and sophisticated alternative to vibrant colors. These shades lend themselves beautifully to flowy lehengas, relaxed pantsuits, and elegant Sarees by Designers. Indian designers are finding new ways to showcase personality through minimal aesthetic and a new-age contemporary vibe. Ethnic Wear in Canada,United States,and even India all reflect this same desire to showcase beauty through simplicity, and as we move into 2024, we predict this to be a defining trait of all the major runway shows.


Embellished Traditionals 

Vannikka Malik - Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor - Grid Embroidered ShortKurta &Shrara set
Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor - Holographic Sequin Drape Saree

The history of Indian fashion goes back hundreds of years, and 2024 will see the continued revitalization of those ancient handiworks that defined India throughout world history. These techniques like gota work, zardozi, cutdana, and chikankari have been passed down for generations and as India looks to cement their own identity in the world of fashion, these techniques will be the defining differentiator from the rest. They are heirlooms passed down through generations, each stitch a whispered legacy, each motif a vibrant chapter in India's resurgence.

Each monochromatic piece of fabric is a canvas for intricate embroidery that demands attention. It is a conscious step away from fast fashion and mass production back to the meticulous labor of India’s textile heritage. Indian fashion has always aimed to be a reflection of the wearer’s personality, and in 2024 the craftsmanship of each stitch will be a reflection of the wearer’s inner vibrancy and uniqueness. 

The spotlight of 2024 is not on fading trends, but in history, and these embellished traditional silhouettes is a step in that direction, defining a convergence of Indian history in the modern world.


What to Watch For

At Meherbaa, our goal is to help every consumer find their identity in what they wear. We find unique and talented designers from around India and curate collections that you cannot find anywhere else. As the world of fashion continues to grow and change, Meherbaa will continue to find Indian outfits by Designers Online that you can connect with and showcase your inner beauty to the world. 

We at Meherbaa love to be boots on the ground, finding the next big movement in fashion, and every season we curate pieces that are inclusive of everyone’s tastes, thoughts, and identities. Our goal is to be your personal stylist, and as 2024 begins to morph and change, we will be at the forefront of finding the next big thing for you all.

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