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India’s Place In The Global Luxury Fashion

Many stories about the interaction of cultures in the world, particularly in the world of high-end fashion, have become a fascinating story. These cultural dialogues encompass the fusion of Indian design, culture, and heritage in the world of European luxury brands, which is a manifestation of cross-cultural inspiration. The presence of Indian influence that is sewn into the fabric of European luxury fashion is not simply a temporary trend but a true historical story. India’s heritage has enchanted artists, designers, and creatives for centuries. The kaleidoscopic blend of colors, textiles, embroideries, and timeless craftsmanship have served as an inspiration for many European fashion houses.

The allure of Indian fabrics like sumptuous silks and opulent brocades has enamored European designers for generations. This fascination isn't new; historical records show admiration former European kings had for Indian garments. King Louis XIV of France, embraced Indian fabrics, weaving them into the opulent tapestries of Versailles. This fusion of Indian textiles with European sophistication laid the groundwork for the enduring fascination with Indian craftsmanship.

Hermès has crafted an especially meaningful connection with India's enduring textile heritage. This was embodied in Hermès' 2011 presentation of their sari collection in Mumbai, fusing their legendary French craftsmanship with the splendor of traditional Indian weaving techniques passed down generations. The shimmering saris balanced intricate Indian motifs like lotus flowers and peacocks with Hermès' signature bold geometrics. The impeccable construction and embellishments testified to the skilled Indian artisans' labor, like the intricate zardozi metallic needlework. This collection spoke to the Saris' timeless, multifunctional elegance while introducing modern touches like convertibility into gowns appealing to Indian and European sensibilities alike.

The Mumbai showcase highlighted how India's rich handwoven textiles readily inspire novel creativity across cultures when interwoven with an outside perspective. Just as Hermès was able to honor the sari's heritage by accentuating its graceful construction and ornate accents with their tailored sensibility, so too have myriad Indian needle arts passed down through close mentorship between generations continued breathing new life into European fashion for decades. The most storied French maisons like Chanel, Dior and Balenciaga have continually reinvented themselves by incorporating intricate Indian zardozi embroidery, chikankari, and kantha work into new collections, at once linking back to India's artistic lineages while pushing haute couture forward into fresh terrain.

The aesthetic essence of Indian culture has influenced European luxury fashion beyond textiles and embellishments in more subtle yet equally potent ways. Vivid color palettes resembling India’s busy streets, flow of the drapery like saree and kurta, and revival of the motifs from ancient Indian art and architecture- have all become a part of European designer’s creations.


Infact, over the last 10 years, more and more A-List celebrities are sporting the exclusive and captivating looks of India’s home grown designers, marking a turning point in India’s fashion revival. Beyonce, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion have all worn iconic Indian designer Gaurav Gupta to red carpet events. His sculptural designs combine traditional Indian techniques with a bold modern aesthetic, appealing to the likes of both the West and the East. Trailblazers, like Sabyasachi and Anita Dongre, uphold Indian craftsmanship, creating beautiful Indo-fusion wear adorned by individuals around the world. Even Rihanna sparkled while wearing opulent jewelry by Farah Khan World during a Vogue shoot.

As more Hollywood heavyweights embrace custom Indian luxury fashion for high profile events, it signals the rising internationally allure of leading designers shaped by Indian heritage. In our world of globalization today, where Indian design is mixed with the luxury fashion industry, it becomes a symbol of cultural peace and creative interplay. It’s a witness to the worldliness of art and the endless possibilities created through the fusion of diverse cultures. 

Meherbaa furthers this very mission. Meherbaa empowers up and coming designers by giving them a platform to be marketed on an international level. By curating exclusive collections that cannot be found anywhere else, Meherbaa will continually give anyone the ability to elevate their wardrobe through fresh indo-fusion designs.

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